The Drop In Sessions


Need some awesome photographs of yourself but can't afford a full day shoot? Well why don't you come to one of the Drop In Sessions? A Drop In Session is a quick, easy and affordable portrait session to get the pics you need. 

The first Drop In Session is for all your headshot needs. Book a 15 minute session now. Or find out more in the following FAQs!

What can the shoot be used for?

Anything! This August I am hosting a Drop In Session for headshots. These can be used for LinkedIn, your website or whatever you need! Are you an author? A lifestyle guru? A public speaker? Or a CEO? I can shoot portraits for any of these kinds of things?

Later in the year I will be hosting Drop In Sessions for Families, Drop In Sessions for Couples, Drop In Sessions for Musicians and more (register your interest and tell me your needs and I may schedule a Drop In session that suits you soon).

How does a Drop In Session work?

  1. Wait until a Drop In Session that suits your needs is announced (a headshot session is now scheduled for Saturday 11th August).
  2. Book in to one of my 15 minute sessions. Payment for the shoot is due at the time of booking. The cost of a Drop In Session is $195 (and you will get 5 high res images from the shoot).
  3. On your Drop In Session I will take your photographs either using my set up studio (and fancy studio lights) or in natural light just outside the studio.
  4. After the session I'll send you a proofing gallery to check out all the awesome images.
  5. Select 5 images and I will send you high res colour corrected images (just like the ones above) via a dropbox link for you to use anyway you like.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a Drop In Session is $195 (and you will get 5 high res images from the shoot).

Can I have a few different looks in the shoot?

While you can do as many poses and flips of your hair as you like, (you can also take off your jacket or scarf), there just isn't time for costume or location changes. If you feel that is what you need contact me to discuss other options.

Can I have more images than 5?

Sure! Why not?! There will be a lot of great shots so you may want more than 5. Just be aware that there will be additional fees for extra images ($35 a photo).

Will you retouch my images?

All images will be colour corrected (like the examples above) but for the base package no retouching will happen. (Why?? You are beautiful as you are!). We will make sure everything is in place on the day and with the magic of lighting you will look the best.

If you wish for some retouching to occur this can be quoted on an image by image basis. Retouching rates are charged at $75 per hour.

Who is this photographer? Do they know their stuff?

YES! The photographer is Elleni Toumpas. She has been running her business and photographing people doing all kinds of things for over 10 years. You can see a sample of her corporate portraits, creative portraits and weddings by clicking on those previous links.

Where are the Drop In Sessions?

Locations will change but the first Drop In Session will be hosted at my office in Fitzroy (further details emailed with booking confirmation).

When are the Drop In Sessions?

The first Drop In Session is locked in for Saturday 11th August. Further Drop In Sessions will be announced later in the year. If you are interested but can not do the August one register to let me know you are interested.

I love this idea and will need a session in the future, but maybe not August.

That is totally okay. Register your interest and let me know that. Future Drop In Sessions will be themed to suit different photography needs.

This is awesome! I want a session on Saturday 11th August. How do I sign up?

Use the Book a Session page, make payment and you will be locked and ready to go.

Your photos are awesome but I have a small/medium/large business and I want you to shoot all of us. Can you come to us?

Of course I can! Other types of non-Drop In shoots can be organised by contacting me via this fancy contact form.

I have other questions before I book in. How can we chat?

Hey no worries, lets chat via the power of this fancy contact form.

Melbourne Corporate Headshot Photographer