Prepare for your Drop In Session


What should I bring?

Bring yourself, be dressed in what you want to wear for the shoot. If you are in to that kind of thing, make sure your make up is freshly applied.

If you are unsure on what to wear come dressed but bring a few jackets and top options and arrive early! Someone will greet you and help you finalise a choice before your shoot starts.

Please also bring make up items for touch ups before the shoot starts.

When your shoot is scheduled to start you must be ready to step in front of the camera.

What should you wear?

Neutral tones usually work the best. Do not wear shirts or tops that have distracting patterns or logos. Aesthetically I find darker colours look the best.

Where do I park?

There are limited 1 hour paid and 2 hour parking spots out the front of the studio. The studio is also in walking distance from the 11 tram line.

What is the address of the shoot?

Studio 3, 101 Victoria St, Fitzroy. Come in the door that is directly under the 'Midnight Sky' sign. Go up the stairs, take the first right and it is the first door on the right. Don't worry there will be signs and my trusty Assistant will keep an eye out for you.

What can I expect from the shoot?

Within your 15 minutes I will work to get an array of shots on two different backgrounds (one lighter and one darker). Examples of these images can be seen here:

Can I have a few different looks in the shoot?

While you can do as many poses and flips of your hair as you like, (you can also take off your jacket or scarf), there just isn't time for costume or location changes. If you feel that is what you need contact me to discuss other options.

When will I get my images?

All 'proof' shots (unedited low res shots of ALL images that worked out from the shoot) will be emailed to you in a proofing gallery 48 hours after your shoot.

Once you have made selections your colour corrected, high res images will be emailed to you within another 7 days.

Can I have more images than 5?

Sure! Why not?! There will be a lot of great shots so you may want more than 5. Just be aware that there will be additional fees for extra images ($35 a photo).

I can't make my shoot now, can I get a refund?

No. Sorry if you can no longer make your shoot there are no refunds. However if you can find someone to take your place feel free to pass the shoot on to someone who may need it. Email us on [][1] to let us know this.

Its shoot day and there is a terrible traffic jam and I am running late.

Contact my trusty Assistant ASAP. If she can make it work she will but be aware that if you are more than 10 minutes late you will likely miss out. If this does occur we wont be able to give you a refund, howver if there is an empty slot later in the day we may offer you that instead.

[1]: mailto: